The story is that NewJun's heart has been broken.

The only way to piece it back together is by creating novelties.

Traveling to subconsciousness is the only key to being consciously unconscious.

It is hoped that everyone in this journey will enjoy the art so that the world that once was a dream would become a reality.

About NewJun's Dream

NewJun had a dream.

A typical wet dream in which all of fantasies came true. Then the realization hit NewJun's consciousness within the wild place of subconsciousness. This place, place of dream is actually the place we all come from in the beginning and come to at the end.

In the place of our subconsciousness, nothing is tangible. Although "you" are eternal, everything else is extremely temporary, almost as good as non-existent. It is just a spectrum of continuous adventures. It is a place of non-metaphysics; concept of time is replaced with new information. Our time in daily lives are used to create novelties so we can savour and save any new learnings. We then sleep to dream. In our dreams, we log back those newly created information.

Sadly, this above delusional, almost psychotic and schizophrenic idea made so much sense to NewJun. The idea was very likable to NewJun. Wanting to share it with other brothers and sisters, he painted paintings and hung them on the wall of subconsciousness. When he woke up, he remembered about those who may be suffering from nothing ever making sense, just because one is asleep.

So NewJun started this channel so a better common kingdom for the slaves of subconsciousness can be built. It does not just have to be a dream, it may as well be a reality. The dream plan objective is to start a globally scalable, grassroots, community-based, human-centric mental program.

Shoutout to NewJun