Adventure of NewJun

I guess every story has a beginning.

So here it is.

It starts with a thing.

Although I am not sure if it is a thing, let’s just call it a thing for the lack of better words.

So here’s that “thing.”

Let me try to explain more about this thing.

It will be tough because I’ve never seen it nor been contacted with it.

So bear with me while I describe how I felt about it.

Try to imagine or guess and tell me what it is, as I only have doubts at this point.

Here it is.

This thing is has no colour, so let it be black or white, your choice.

Now if you can start imagining its colour, let’s go for its shape.

It gets a bit tricker than colour when trying to picture its shape.

Its boundaries are unknown, as well as its surroundings.

There is no distinction between the thing and the other things around it.

So let’s just suppose that it is everything which sums up to nothing.

Now if you have gotten to this far in imagining how I felt about this thing, there’s one last thing about this thing.

Here is that last thing.

It is not made up by metaphysical matters therefore the concept of space and time are irrelevant.

What in the world is this thing that I felt???


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